the altar of the fatherland

Altar of the Fatherland

explore l' altare della patria

The Altare della Patria, also known the Victor Emmanuel II National Monument, is a large national monument located in Piazza Venezia built between 1885 and 1935 to honour Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy. Inside the building there is the Institute for the History of the Italian Risorgimento, and the Central Museum of the Risorgimento. Moreovere, since 1921, it holds the tomb of the unknown soldier, a place in which the eternal flame shines and which is always guarded by two soldiers. The Altar of the Fatherland is considered as a national symbol of Italy and every year it hosts importan celebrations, such as the Liberation Day, Republic Day, and Armed Forces Day. The amazing view from the terrace, located at the same height as the chariots, is one of the greatest attractions of the Victor Emmanuel II National Monument.

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